Welcome to the Melbourne Swing Festival

Queen's Birthday long weekend, Friday 9 June – Monday 12 June 2017. It's time again for those 4 days and nights of sheer joy and dancing bliss to take over Melbourne! We'll swing the inner city with sizzling music, white-hot dancing, and killer workshops. And the Melbourne International Jazz Festival will be jamming right along with us.

The Melbourne Swing Festival operates under the Swing Patrol Code of Conduct to ensure a great time is had by all. If at any time you feel uncomfortable about how someone is behaving toward you or others, please have a word to the staff at the desk and we shall follow up every report or comment. At the evening events there will be a Safe Spaces Officer on duty each night.



There will be four learning streams available at MSF 2017, catering for Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced and Really Super Advanced Plus students.

Here are some guidelines for deciding which workshop level is right for you. Read the descriptions carefully and, if you’re still not sure which level you should be in, have a chat with your regular teachers. Remember that doing a more advanced level than you are ready for will not make you a more advanced dancer and may slow down the teaching for the rest of the class.

Please note that if the workshop teachers or MSF organisers feel you are not in an appropriate level, they may move you into a level that is better suited to giving you the tools you need to become a better dancer.

LEVEL - Intermediate

You have probably been dancing swing for one - two years and know foundation lindy hop moves (6-beat, charleston, 8-beat lindy hop). You feel comfortable with the basics and have started to put the moves together and go out social dancing. It's time to build your vocabulary and really work on some lead/follow skills and some fancy footwork to make your dancing swing. It's also time to start working on connecting to the music. You may be doing Level 1-2 classes in your local area and are ready to build on what you know.

LEVEL - Advanced

You have probably been dancing swing for four or more years and dance across a number of styles and techniques. You are skilled in leading or following and you’re ready for complex footwork and concepts. You are skilled at solo movement and can incorporate jazz steps into your partner dancing. You can improvise and be creative on the dance floor and also handle tricky moves. You can comfortably dance to fast tempos. You are a prolific social dancer in your scene, and also participate in workshops or travel to dance events. Your passion for lindy hop may have inspired you to train with other dancers in a group doing choreography or training for competition.

LEVEL – Intermediate/Advanced

You have probably been dancing swing for more than two years, you go social dancing regularly, and you can move in and out of 8-beat lindy hop, 6-beat and charleston with ease. You know all the classic lindy steps in addition to adding variations into your dancing. You have a good grasp of lead and follow skills, and are tuned into the music. You would benefit from developing your technical skills further and getting to the next level of leading and following. You are probably doing Level 2-3 classes in your local area.

LEVEL – Mega Advanced Plus

You have been dancing swing for aaaaages. You are a highly competent social dancer who can dance with an absolute beginner or a very advanced dancer and make it a great dance for both of you. You possess musicality, originality, and excel across all tempos from super slow to blisteringly fast. You have reached a level in which you are more interested in the quality of movement than quantity of moves. If someone asks you if that last move was 6-beat or 8-beat, you have to think about it, because it's just not something you consider anymore; you just dance. If you take a class which does a plain sugar push for an hour and a half, you are thrilled to get into the nitty gritty of the technique and do not feel bored.

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