Want to experience MSF but the budget is a little tight? Then become part of our Event Crew!

Working with the Crew at MSF allows you to get a discount on your MSF pass and earns you major brownie points…it may even earn you actual brownies! Events like MSF succeed because of dedicated peeps who give their time and energy to create something unforgettable. You can be one of these very special people…and save yourself major funds as well. It’s a great chance to make new friends, save some dosh, and see what goes on behind the scenes at dance events. You might need to get in quick as places are limited and very popular.

Tasks may include:
• Event set up/pack down
• Teacher aides (chauffeuring, getting lunch, water etc)
• Door staff at events
• Late night Festival Club Crew
• Airport pickups
• Being a spare pair of hands

If you're able to help please email kerrynh@swingpatrol.com.au and we will be in touch soon.


If you would like further information about the Melbourne Swing Festival, just holler! General and workshop enquiries - info@swingpatrol.com.au
Volunteer enquiries kerrynh@swingpatrol.com.au


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SP Director - Claudia Funder
Workshop Programme - Noni Healy
DJ Manager - Vanessa Nimmo
Event Crew Coordinator – Kerryn Hyde
Website - Derek Carruthers
Social Media – Kate Davison
Teacher Liaison - Kara Martin