Lauren Yee

Loz brings enthusiasm and joie de vivre to her dancing and DJing and has DJ'd a number of major events in Australia and Internationally. From phat big band beats to a bit of ye olde jazz fiddle, slow, sweet, fast or fiery, Loz is a fan of all things swing and it's her number one goal to keep your toes a'tappin and your fingers snapping.


Sharon Callaghan

Shaz loves all kinds of music. She loves the kind that makes you holler, tap your feet, shimmy all over, hold someone close, shake what your mama gave you, or shuffle off to Buffalo. For Shaz it doesn’t get better than music and dancing, whether it’s having a boogie in the lounge room or swinging out on a packed ballroom floor in New York City. Shaz regularly plays dancing tunes in whatever town she finds herself and has been fortunate enough to DJ at Melbourne Lindy Exchange, Canberräng, 1929’s Sweet & Hot, Little Big Weekend, White Night, Hullabaloo and Swing Camp Oz. One of her all time DJ highlights was playing the band breaks for Adrian Cunningham at the last Melbourne Swing Festival so she's thrilled to be returning to DJ MSF once more. Image Credit: Eddy Gill


Kathryn Atkinson

Kathryn's love of swing dancing stems from a life long love of swing music. As a regular DJ around Melbourne, playing all styles of swing music, she knows how to keep the dance floor packed. And her experience as guest DJ at festivals around Australia and overseas has helped her discover exciting new music to set the mood, and inspire super fun, creative dancing. You won't want to leave the floor.

Trevor Hutchison

As an enthusiastic collector of vintage jazz and blues music, Trevor is a sought after DJ and has DJed at events around Australia. He has also featured as a guest DJ on Yehoodi Radio (USA), the Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden) and supported legendary sax blower Big Jay McNeely. He has a particular passion for the original music of the swing era, from the classic big band anthems to small group rarities. But whatever the track, it’s sure to be swingin’.

Barbara Heggen

Babs has been swingin' her thing on the DJ circuit for many years now, selecting tasty tunes for all the big ones - MSF, BBS, Balboa on the River, CCB, and White Night Dance Marathon. Whether it’s fast, or slow, or something in between, it’s all about the groove. So get ready to play with a few different rhythms on the floor because she likes to mix it up and draws inspiration from unexpected places.

Vanessa Nimmo

Vanessa started dancing to help out a friend who didn't want to try it out alone, and realised years later she should really have thanked that friend for introducing her to something so awesome. When not dancing, she writes and teaches music, and took up DJing so that she would have to spend loads of time listening to jazz and blues music. Dueling jazz horns always get her toes tapping, and jazz fiddle makes her swoon. Image Credit: Brence Coghill

Tim Jones

Tim Jones has been DJing for lindy hop and blues dancers since 2009. He's a big fan of the classic big band and small group sounds from the 30s and early 40s. Melbourne based, he can be found dancing to live bands and DJed music wherever it is playing.

Jarryd Reynolds

Jarryd is based in Adelaide, where he teaches and performs lindy hop. He is one of Australia's most poplar lindy hop DJs, and he will DJ pretty much anything that swings. He loves the classic big band sound with a particular emphasis on a strong rhythm section such as the Count Basie Orchestra or Duke Ellington.

Anna van Dijk

Anna's music collection will make you jump out of your seat in a rhythm frenzy! At least, that's the selection process she uses to curate her DJ sets. This girl loves to dance, and the music must inspire. Anna has been swing-mad since 2009, and has DJ'd all around Australia, including some of our national swing festivals. Sultry swingin' tracks ramping up to fiery lindy jams are what you can expect from this joyful jazz lady.